Follow our jewellery care tips to maintain that sparkle and shine.

Cleaning Your


For the correct jewellery care, we recommend that you polish your jewellery every few months with a microfibre cloth or a special Jewellery cleaning cloth. No other products are advised for Gold Plated Jewellery. However, you can clean silver pieces gently with warm soapy water.

"polish your Jewellery every few months"

Avoid Water

Avoid wearing your Jewellery when showering, washing your hands, as well as exercising and sunbathing. This is because some of our Jewellery is Gold Plated. Over time the moisture will speed up the natural tarnishing process of Sterling Silver and Brass – the most common metals used with luxury fashion jewellery.


Avoid Chemicals

Avoid perfumes, soaps, lotions including fake tan, hand sanitisers, deodorant, body sprays and body oils directly onto your Jewellery. For prevention when getting ready, for me personally, Jewellery is the last thing I put on. Perfume and body oils come before! The chemicals, over time, will erode and tarnish your pieces, so allow drying time before wearing your Jewellery.

Storing Suggestions

Store your Jewellery in a clean, cool, dry place! This helps to prevent oxidation with moisture in the air. I keep mine in my Katri’s Linen bag inside of my Jewellery Box.

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