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Katri’s was founded in 2021 by Amy Katrianne.

In the first lockdown, Amy was having a wardrobe clear out when she discovered older pieces of jewellery that held beautiful, special, and sentimental memories, similar to when you associate a scent to a fond pastime. She wanted to share that experience and create pieces that would remind us of those nostalgic memories, the massive milestones, and the great achievements in our lives!

Amy discovered and connected with the most amazing boutique female designers from all over the globe, each with their own stories to tell. Every piece is handmade so that it is unique to you. All we ask is to create memories that attach to each design that will last a lifetime!

Inspired by modern-day art, emotions, and elegance that will elevate any look – day or night! When a woman wears Katri’s, she embodies confidence, sophistication, and empowerment.

“Wear your confidence with elegance” – Amy.

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